Citrix.WEMSDK Powershell Module for Citrix WEM

Let me start by saying I am a big fan of Citrix Workspace Environment Management (WEM). I love how fast it is compared to other solutions. I love how easy it is to manage a Configuration Set once the initial deployment is complete. Deploying a Configuration Set, especially in a multi-tenant environment can be a bit tedious since it involves repeating the same steps over and over again.

I was looking into ways to automate these steps for on-boarding a new Configuration Set when I discovered that there were none.

Being a Powershell automation enthusiast, I started looking into ways to use Powershell for on-boarding a new Configuration Set, and for managing existing Configuration Sets. The focus here is on on-premises installations, for now.

I decided to develop functions for each possible manual task in the WEM administration console and today, I can finally announce the availability of a Powershell module that I have named the Citrix.WEMSDK module.

Version 1912 of the module consists of 243 functions to provide complete automation. There’s a function for every single task in the WEM Administration console, which should enable you to fully automate on-boarding Configuration Sets.

in addition to on-boarding a new Configuration Set, I also included every function necessary for managing an existing Configuration Set, be it configuration-specific settings, actions, AD objects, assignments, or security settings. You can even automate role-based access when new administrators need to be added.

There’s one limitation to the module at this point in time, regarding the manipulation of actions that can be configured using a specific username and password. Primarily these are printer and drive actions. Since I could not replicate the encryption on these passwords as the WEM Administration console does, you need to stick to no username for now when manipulating these actions.

I intend to keep developing this module as WEM evolves further. There is a road-map, although it is not public yet. Some items that are on the road-map are:

  • The use of (REST) APIs when they become available
  • Enhancing the logic behind some of the existing functions
  • Adding functions that add automation options such as mirroring Configuration Sets (even across databases)
  • Additional functions to backup and restore entire Configuration Sets inclusive of assignments and AD Objects

The module is compatible starting with WEM 1903 through to current release which is 1912.

You can install the module from the Powershell Gallery with install notes documented.

Since I have yet to publish the documentation for each function, I have created a script that shows each and every function in action. That script is available on Github and more details on how and what can be found on here.

Big shout out to James Kindon (@james_kindon), Dave Brett (@dbretty) and Guy Leech (@guyrleech) for testing and letting me pick their brains on this!

Until next time,


25+ years experience in Microsoft powered environments. Enjoy automating stuff using powershell. In my free time (hah! as if there is any) I used to hunt achievements and gamerscore on anything Xbox Live enabled (Windows Mobile, Windows 8, Windows 10, Xbox 360 and Xbox One). Recently I picked up my Lego addiction again.

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15 comments on “Citrix.WEMSDK Powershell Module for Citrix WEM
  1. […] couple of years on, my friend Arjan Mensch has released the big daddy of PowerShell modules for WEM, allowing for full end to end PowerShell based control of every single aspect of the solution. I […]

  2. mohnish says:

    We have Cloud WEM service. How can we connect to our Cloud WEM server using powershell inorder to run your health check ps script..

  3. Jenny says:

    Hi Arjan,

    new WEM 2003 is realeased – cannot use Citrix.WEMSDK right now :(

    Any plans to upgrade? Would be very helpful!



    • Arjan Mensch says:

      Hi Jenny,
      2006 was released yesterday as well. I’ve been very busy on other projects, but will update this to support 2003 and 2006 soon, I promise :)

      • Jenny says:

        This would be fantastic! Thank you very much, these PowerShell Commandlets helps us a lot!!

  4. Anthony says:

    I have installed and imported the module but I don’t have the New-VUEMApplicationsXML function available.

  5. Jörg Schicke says:

    Hi Arjan, will there come an update for new WEM versions? I am trying to use James Kingdons Docu Scripts and get the error: New-WEMDatabaseConnection : Connected to a database version with unsupported schema: 2012.1.0.1 (schema 2012)
    Would be nice!

  6. Ben says:

    Hi Arjan, thank you for this great Module. Is there a plan to upgrade for newer releaese like 2009 or 2103?

  7. Arjan Mensch says:

    To all that mentioned the new versions not being supported:

    I no longer have access to Trial versions via Citrix, so updating this module has become a real challenge because of that.

    I have decided to no longer update this module, and provide the module’s code on Github publicly, opening the way for other enthusiasts to pick up development for the module.

    As a last update I have removed the database schema restriction so the module will continue to work with versions beyond 2009, but without any guarantees of course.

    I need someone running a newer version than 2009 to test this modification before I publish this final version and release the Github code. Please reach out if you are able to test this.

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